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Real People Real Love
"It's the people of RCC that make the difference to me. We have a real desire to be free...free to love God and our fellow man. The only thing traditional about RCC is its reverence for Jesus Christ and a desire to emulate Him!"

~ May Snowden
Matthew Roberts is the Senior Pastor of Rock Canyon Church and The Genesis Project in Ogden

Breaking News...

October 29 will be our last Sunday meeting on the 8th floor of the Wells Fargo bank building in down-town Provo Utah. The web live stream has been discontinued until further notice.

At the present time our congregation will be taking some time to reorganize and reassess. Our church office phone number is 801-374-5725. Please be praying for our congregation and church as we go through this transition.

Embracing the Journey...

Hope is the foundation of our faith, though the path appeared endless, laying a nearly impossible course - where solitude became our treasured companion, and the road of victory grew narrow and our eyes blind to direction. It was then we knew only through embracing love, patience, kindness, and understanding, binding our paths together in accord with one another, we would see the journey's end; not as individuals - each man and woman grasping violently to the rocky cliffs of our own desperation, but as an alliance of souls joining forces in loyalty and friendship and embracing the journey to the purpose and passion of Jesus, our Lord and Savior .